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What is

Uncultured Dad?

Uncultured Dad is a space for all Christians, but dads and men specifically. It’s a resources page filled with blogs, bible studies, and books by A.J. Reilly, a United States Army Reserve Chaplain. Some of the resources are free and we encourage you to use them to grow in your faith and love of Jesus Christ. Other resources are for sale, to help support the mission of Uncultured Dad, which is to provide an uncultured space for faith, family, and fatherhood.

Who is Uncultured Dad?

A.J. Reilly

A.J. is the husband of Jess and dad to Jack, Nora, and Teddy. He’s a United States Army Reserve Chaplain, with a Master of Art in Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Military Chaplaincy from Liberty University. He is a die-hard Detroit Sports fan and covers them for Detroit Sports Nation.

In addition to this, A.J. is an avid reader and writer, publishing his debut novel, The Askren Boys, in 2018, winning the Children’s Literary Classic’s Gold Medal in the Coming of Age category in 2019. Since then, his attention has turned toward content creation for Valor Men’s Ministry, a ministry of his home church Beacon Baptist Church.

A.J. has a passion for the next generation and that’s why he created Uncultured Dad. This space exists to grow a community of men who love God, date their wife, and raise their children well.

A.J. Reilly - Uncultured Dad

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Coleman Geraci

Above all other things, Coleman is a sinner saved by Jesus Christ. God has blessed him with a wonderfully faithful wife, Rachel, and three beautiful children – Augustana, Simeon, and Magdalena. Coleman serves as a pastor for two congregations in southern Michigan and also as a Chaplain in the United States Army Reserve. He earned his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO.


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Jared Barringer

Jared is the husband of Jennie and dad to Leo and Gwyneth. He currently serves as the Worship and Missions Pastor at Beacon Baptist Church, where he’s served since 2014. He currently holds a Master of Arts in Church Ministry from Baptist Bible College, where he also attended undergraduate work.

Jared, along with A.J., has co-led a Men’s Ministry at their church, Valor Men’s Ministry, with a focus on discipleship and teaching. The group has its own Bible study on Wednesday nights and meets monthly for a prayer breakfast, started by Jared.

Jared is an avid musician, playing the guitar, piano, and even bass. He uses those gifts to write his own worship music that is sometimes used to serve his church. Aside from music, Jared has a passion for the gospel and helping disciple men, new Christians, and families. His biggest burden is seeing men grow into the leaders that God has called them to be.

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