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Conversational Doctrine

What is Conversational Doctrine?

Every Christian is a theologian. You may balk at that statement, but it is a true one. Sometimes, however, we approach theology and doctrine cautiously, believing that it should be left to the “academic types.” Then we try to wade into the waters and are swallowed up by the depth of some Ph.D., and it gets frustrating. That’s where this page comes in. We’ll dive into 11 topics, all dealing with doctrine that is biblical. Dive in and understand the deeper things of God, then connect with us so we can talk more about it!

Doctrine of God
The Doctrine of God

The Doctrine of God is foundational to any further study of doctrine. It teaches us who God is and r…

The Doctrine of Scripture

The Doctrine of Scripture is the fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith where the revelation of…

Order of Creation
The Doctrine of the Order of Creation

In the beginning, God used a specific order of creation. God did it that way all out of love and for…


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