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Bible Book Summary: Joshua

Unlocking God’s Faithfulness: Exploring the Book of Joshua and its Profound Message of Redemption and Devotion


Salvation for Children | Q&A

Salvation for our children is something parents think about, but the question is when are they ready to hear about and know Christ?

The Ascension

The Forgotten Festival: The Ascension

Christians know well two major events of Christ’s saving work, His Incarnation and Resurrection. But what about the third, His Ascension?


The Doctrine of Scripture

The Doctrine of Scripture is the fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith where the revelation of God is made known to His creation.

Calling upon God

Our Calling to Call Upon God

Discover the beauty and power of prayer in the life of a Christian father. Learn how to call upon God in times of trouble and triumph.


Forgiveness forms faithful fathers

Being a father is a blessed calling from God. Yet, it is not an easy vocation. The heart of being a father is forgiveness from the Father.